Walk the Glittery Path

Some thoughts as the Coronation approaches ….

As we wound our way around the village and walked towards the woods near Dove Lane, the path beneath our feet sparkled in the sun. Looking more closely, I could see there were hundreds of glass chips embedded in the tarmac. I had never noticed this before; maybe it was the direction of the sun or the time of day, but the effect was magical. The path glittered like something out of a fairy tale and I almost expected to see the King appear! I thought about the beauty that surrounds us and that whoever we are and whatever our circumstances, rich or poor, we are all entitled to walk the glittery pathway.

We are all created as equals. Sometimes it is easy to forget that. I certainly do. I think most of us at some time in our lives, have looked up to someone famous, mega wealthy or seemingly more accomplished than ourselves and felt overshadowed. It is a hard habit to shake off. But we all have our skills, our uniqueness that no one can take away! We can all have a chance to shine and take a walk in the sunshine. There are so many unsung heroes we may pass along the way; those who carry on in the direst circumstances and still raise a smile.

I walked with my soulmate in the bluebell wood today and we talked about life; how things sometimes surprise us and turn out differently than expected. We noted how sometimes it’s hard to take the rough with the smooth. How busy life can be at times, and how challenging. But would we really want to walk in anyone else’s shoes, however important they are?

I love this Malagasy proverb –

‘A canoe does not know who is King, when it turns over, everyone gets wet.’

I am certainly looking forward to watching the Coronation of King Charles 111; I will enjoy the pomp and circumstance, the making of history, and the feeling of times moving on, but I will remember the glittery path and all the unsung heroes that walk along it.

I hope you can walk the glittery path!

What did I do today?
Nothing I say,
Yet that can't be true
Because I sat here with you
And the sky was full
With soaring birds
With the sun on their wings.
Every ordinary day
Is full of perfect things.

By Lyn Halvorsen

Blogger. Author. Follower of all things inspirational and pursuing the gentler side of life.

One reply on “Walk the Glittery Path”

I love this vision of us all walking that same Glittery Path. We are right there with you lovely Xxxxxx


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