Writing and freelance work…..


Hello. I’m a writer and editor and live in Buckinghamshire with my husband Brian, tucked away in a little house near the woods.

It was my family who set me on the creative path. Some years ago I started doodling and writing a short story for my children about a little Viking boy called Anton. They liked reading about Anton and so Anton the Brave Viking was born. Anton is very close to my heart, and we now have a series of books:

‘Anton the Brave Viking,’ ‘Anton the Brave Viking and The Scaredy Cat,’ ‘Anton and The King of Crumbly Castle,’ and ‘Anton and The Waffle Mountain.

In 2014 I published my first novel, ‘Tea at Raphael’s’..a book about a very special cafe, where nothing is as it seems, and acts of kindness and love prevail.

I have recently published a poetry book entitled ‘Under the Same Stars’. Here you will find a unique collection of poems, anecdotes and illustrations. I’ve written about the subjects close to my heart; I’ve known people occasionally shed a tear when reading some of my poetry, but I have tried to incorporate some humour too, and even a poem about a quest to find the perfect handbag! If you like angels you will find a few of those in there; I think we all need a guardian angel from time to time.

I help others to publish their books too. Recently, I published a book for a close friend…a lovely story about a young tennis player who learns how to overcome obstacles in life and succeed as a champion. I was lucky to be asked to illustrate it too. The book is called ‘Icon the Great Tennis Warrior.‘ You can find Toby Foxcroft’s book at http://www.blurb.co.uk.

My latest collaboration has been with a friend and colleague, Wolfgang Sonnenburg. Wolfgang is a successful author, entrepreneur, speaker and mentor, and is the initiator of the Winspiration Association. http://www.winspirationday.global. His latest book is entitled ‘Better the Whole World Against Me Than My Soul: An Unconventional Way Of Being a Millionaire. Previously published in Germany, I have been pleased to edit the English translation, and the book is now available on Amazon.

Do you need help to write your story?  Do you have an idea for a book in your head that you can’t seem to put into the right words? Maybe you don’t have time to write for yourself. I can help. I have gained experience as a ghostwriter and I love being able to put someone else’s original thoughts into the right words. My job is to take your life’s message and put it into book form. I would work with you all along the way so that your journey or story is chronicled just as you want it.

I can also help write blog posts, manuscripts, speeches and articles.

I provide a copy-editing service.

There is something very powerful about helping someone share their message with the universe, so if you have an idea you would like to share with me, please email me at   loveyourstory8@gmail.com. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my page. I would love to hear from you.

Best wishes,



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