Lyn’s Books



I’ve always been a girl who loves to write, and a bit of a daydreamer too.

Some years ago I started doodling and writing a short story for my children about a little Viking boy called Anton. They liked reading about Anton and so Anton the Brave Viking was born. Anton is very close to my heart, and I have recently updated one of my original stories. With some lovely illustrations by Jacqueline Tee, Anton the Viking and the King of Crumbly Castle is now available on Amazon.


In 2014 I published my first novel, ‘Tea at Raphael’s’..a book about a very special cafe, where nothing is as it seems, and acts of kindness and love prevail.


I have also published a poetry book entitled ‘Under the Same Stars’  which is a unique collection of poems, anecdotes and illustrations.


My recent book, Best Foot ForwardMoving on From Anxiety’ is now available on Amazon in book form and is also available to download. Partly taken from my blogs and from my own experience with anxiety, I hope it will help anyone who struggles with anxiety at whatever level.



And here is my latest venture – tales of some rather cheeky mice, written and illustrated during lockdown to keep my spirits up! I hope it will cheer you and your children or grandchildren too! Available now at 

Thank you for looking at I would love to hear any feedback from you. I can be contacted at : 


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