Welcome to Dove Lane….

Welcome to Dove Lane – the place where I live, dream and write. Home to me is the place where we are safe and content, the place where we welcome friends and loved ones, and shrug off the cares of the day.

In an era when we are bombarded by all sorts of  unsettling news, and our senses are often over stimulated by constant media presence, it is good to take timeout sometimes and think about the things in life that really matter and are important to us. Getting through life can be hard for us all at times, whether we are rich or poor, surrounded by many people we love and who love us, or whether we are alone. All of us need someone from time to time.

I was a nurse for many years and I’m grateful that I had a career that taught me so much about life and gave me many experiences to draw from. But I’m not really an expert in anything and wouldn’t profess to be so, I am just someone who thinks about life, love and what makes us tick.

So I hope you might find something here now and then that you enjoy, or helps you get through the day.

So here we go.

You can contact me on loveyourstory8@gmail.com and  view my website at http://www.lynhalvorsen.com

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

My latest book ‘Best Foot Forward – Moving on From Anxiety’ is now available from Amazon both in book form and to download. As an anxiety sufferer myself, it is a book very close to my heart and one which I hope will help anyone who struggles with anxiety.

I am very happy to say that the book was entered into the ‘Janey Loves’ platinum awards competition and was highly commended.