Welcome to Dove Lane….

Welcome to Dove Lane – the home where I live, dream and write. Home to me is the place where we are safe and content, the place where we welcome friends and loved ones, and shrug off the cares of the day.

I was a nurse for many years and feel grateful that I had a career that taught me something about life. But I don’t profess to be an expert,  just someone who thinks about life, love and what makes us tick.

I have always enjoyed writing and have a vivid imagination. I was a daydreamer when I was at school and still am, but now try and put those dreams to good use! Over the years, my passion for writing poetry has developed, and now most of my blog posts reflect this. There is something very moving about reading a piece of poetry that tugs at the soul, and I hope that I incorporate my thoughts at the time into my poetry.

The beauty of poetry is capturing a tiny moment of life and describing it in such a unique way so that others can feel the emotion too. I hope I manage that and I hope you find something here now and then that you enjoy or helps you get through the day.

You can contact me on loveyourstory8@gmail.com or at lmhalvo@aol.com  I would love to hear from you! 

One of my books ‘Best Foot Forward – Moving on From Anxiety’ is now available from Amazon both in book form and to download.

I am very happy to say that the book was entered into the ‘Janey Loves’ platinum awards competition and was highly commended.