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Thank You Your Majesty

I wrote this simple poem at the time of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and thought I would share it again today. We will miss her. Our faithful Queen, The places you’ve been, The hands you have shaken The people you’ve seen! Never a foot wrong Nor a hair out of place The best version of […]

You’ve Got a Friend….

I’ve written a simple poem about friendship this week… Sometimes, do you find yourself retreating from the world? Do you feel your problems are either insurmountable or too silly to mention? Maybe you want someone to understand what’s going on with you without having to talk too much. That is the time when good friends […]

Poems to sooth the soul on a hot day….

I hope you can find a quiet and shady spot today…as I write, the temperature is reading 34 degrees …hotter than we are used to in England! As they say, ‘this too will pass’ and will probably become a distant memory before too long! In the meantime, my writing desk is piled with work for […]

Summer – Old and New..

Suddenly the summer sun shines on a day I cannot miss – like the Prince waking his Princess with a long-awaited kiss! I’ve seen a fair few summers now, but Mother Nature has a way of heralding the seasons so that we view them with fresh eyes or at least appreciate them anew. Mornings now […]


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