I Wish I Had Known You Then.

I read a quote recently about strong women. It said something like ‘Be the person now that you would have liked by your side when you were a child’. Wow. Isn’t that something? It stopped me in my tracks. I have been thinking about it ever since.

Do you remember times when, no matter how loving your upbringing, you felt as though no one understood you? Maybe, like me, you were crushed by shyness and wanted to disappear into a hole when someone spoke to you? Or you didn’t feel you had anything clever to say. Or you weren’t ‘with it’? How many times in life have we all encountered difficult situations when a smile or an encouraging world could have made all the difference? Even when perhaps our actions may have been foolish, think how much it would have helped if someone had said, ‘Okay, you messed up, but learn from it and move on. I know you are a good person.’

Encouragement is so important. So is understanding and empathy. I see that now, and I yearned for it when I was younger; at school, and later, as a student nurse. And kindness. Kindness is the most important quality in life, I think. A simple act of kindness makes life so much more bearable when times are rough. I know we all have to learn to stand on our own two feet. But how much stronger we feel with someone fights our corner.

Life is a learning process. Indeed I am still learning every day; I think I may have been a slow learner. Sometimes I think I may just be getting there and then something happens to take me, temporarily, back to square one. Of course, I am completely grown up now, really quite senior in fact! But there can still be times when I feel like the shy girl in the corner; its a habit that can stay with you through life if you aren’t careful. But I carry on regardless, safe in the knowledge that I am doing my best. One thing is for sure, most of us have small trembles from time to time, whatever our age, but we get by with a little help from our friends.

I am working , still, on being the person I would like to have had at my side all those years ago.

I Wish I’d Known You


I wish I’d known you then

 When I couldn’t find my voice

When I had no way of knowing

That there could be a choice.

And I wish I’d known you then

When the spotlight fell on me;

A nervous child who didn’t know

Who she could one day be.

I wish I’d know you when

   I wasn’t part of the crowd,

You would have been the one

To call my name out loud.

I wish I’d known you would have

Seen my point of view,

And told me it would be okay

And I’d grow up to be you.

© Lyn Halvorsen


Blessings to you.