The Wonky House Mouse

This is a little different to my normal blog!

If you are like me and like to escape from all the problems going on in the world from time to time, you may enjoy my latest venture. During lockdown, I spent a bit of time putting together some simple rhymes about some cheeky but friendly mice…then, before long I had added some fun illustrations and the ‘Wonky House Mouse Tales’ book came to life! My lovely publisher Richard, at Polarity Publishing, has supported me in getting my mouse tales into print and you can read more about the book at Amazon on the link below.

Of course, I would love to get these mischievous mice up in the Amazon best seller ratings, so I would love you to take a look! The book is suitable for all children of any age, but hopefully fun for adults to read too!


The link to the book is here:

Thanks so much for taking a look and if my book cheers you up I couldn’t ask for more!