Winspiration Day – Uniting Globally for Positive Change.

This week I would like to talk about a very special day which is coming up on the 7th of May. A day which gives each and everyone of us the chance to make a difference in our volatile and changing world. Welcome to Winspiration Day.

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Winspiration Day-  was founded in 2003, and since then it has been celebrated every year on May 7th. It is day created especially for you, me and every person around the world. From all four corners of the Earth we can unite joyfully in contemplation and be of one accord.

So many times we are bombarded with disturbing news from the media. We wonder how the dreadful events we see before us on our television screens can really be happening. Perhaps we try to apportion blame, or divert our attention elsewhere. But deep down, I think a lot of us wish we could help to make the world a better place. And we are not alone. So many people wish for a better future where opportunity and vision combine with positive belief and action, to strengthen both their own lives and those of others. Winspiration  gives us the chance to do that. Between us, we have the enormous potential to bring about change, both in businesses, our own lives, and all over the world.

What is the 7th May Celebration?

Winspiration Day is a day of celebration, sharing and contemplation. Each year the main event is held in a different part of the world, with other celebrations taking place in other cities and towns around the globe. It is about inspiration and action and joining together with like minded people and a time when we focus our energies on bringing about an exciting and positive future. You could call it a ‘party with a purpose’. We share the results of the actions and Winspiration projects which have taken place throughout the year too. It is exciting to learn about the achievements of others and we can also join in the awards ceremony, where a special person or association is rewarded for their efforts in making a difference to their community and the world. They may have overcome personal challenges, or used their initiative to help the planet. You can see wonderful examples of the Winspiration projects on the website, including Origami for Peace, and Perla’s Story.


Guiness record

The Guinness award being presented to some of the team who created the largest online worldwide discussion on the topic ‘I Can’…Children and adults participated on this project.

This year, the Winspiration Day main event is being held in the city of Los Angeles, California, and a wonderful day is planned. There will be guest speakers, including the founder of Winspiration, Wolfgang Sonnenburg, the renowned personal development coach Bob Proctor and best selling author and keynote speaker Blaine Bartlett to name but a few. The day will culminate in a candle ceremony which will be truly magical. But don’t panic! The event will be live-streamed and you will be able to watch it from wherever you are. There will also be other events around the world, including one at the Holiday Inn in Mayfair, London. You may even like to hold an event yourself. Just imagine holding a special ‘get together’ or a walk, even an afternoon tea, for charity. Some families make their own vision boards, or have a ‘vision party’ where they share conscious ideas about the future. All thing are possible.

             You can learn much more about Winspiration at

Winspiration Day is a unique and special day and we look forward to it with great anticipation, but this is just a part of what Winspiration is about. The Winspiration movement is there for us all throughout the year and continues to reach out to us all wherever we are in this world and supports us in our creativity, and in our positive actions. Together we can share a vision to create and accomplish great things for our wonderful planet Earth. Now, more than ever, we need to look to the future with love. The world is what WE make it. Rather than fighting AGAINST what we feel is wrong with the world we place the emphasis on being and acting FOR the common good.

In the words of the initiator of Winspiration, Wolfgang Sonnenburg:

                The Best is Yet to Come.

Bob Proctor W Sonnenburg Winspiration Award (1)

Wolfgang Sonnenburg and Bob Proctor.

If you would like to become a member of Winspiration there are details on the website. You will be very welcome!

With blessings to you.

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