The Value of Every Life…

I was listening to the news this week and heard the story of a lady who is battling with an aggressive form of leukaemia. She is young – aged just 23, and is married with a young daughter. She desperately needs a stem cell transplant and her sister in Nigeria is the only suitable match. She was elated when she received the news that her sister was a 10 out of 10 match, but hope turned to despair when her sister’s visa application to visit the country was rejected. According to this lady, the Home Office said it was not satisfied that her sister would be a genuine visitor to the country and would not have sufficient funds to support her visit. Also the Home Office appeared to be worried that she would not return to her own country after her visit, despite the family pledging funds and the sister announcing she would be returning home to care for her own young family after the procedure.

Of course I do not know all the details of the events here, but it got me thinking about priorities and how situations are evaluated. Do we miss the ‘big picture’? Surely the issue of utmost importance in this story is saving the life of an individual; one who is every bit as important as you, as me, as the Queen?

The is more then one life at stake here too. There is a little girl who needs her mother. A husband who would be bereft. A whole family who may never be the same again if this request is turned down.

 Human lives are more important than petty rules. How many times do we hear the words ‘I’m just doing my job’ or, ‘If we make an exception here we will have to do it for others too.’ So what! And what if the worst happened and the lady’s sister stayed a while. Would it be so bad?

Why cannot common sense prevail? If a life is at stake and a possible cure is available surely it should be given with no questions asked.  Just answers given. Positive answers. Arms should be outstretched to welcome all the help that is offered. If we saw a person drowning we wouldn’t ignore the lifebelt on the riverbank would we? So what is the difference here. Just petty rules.

In this life we all deserve an equal chance. We deserve to be cared for and healed without conditions.

I’m closing with two quotes from Dr. Seuss. They may sound lighthearted but to me they are also profound.

   ‘Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive that is you-er than you!’

        ‘Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple.’

Blessings to you.