Well this is nice….

This week at Dove Lane has seen me questioning a few things. I’ve been working quite prolifically lately – writing is my passion and I’m more than happy when I have some time to sit at my desk and write for my various projects. I’m lucky to be able to do what I love.  But there’s the thing. Sometimes writing takes us to different places than we are used to; different spheres and different continents even. Sometimes it takes us right out of our comfort zone. I like to write from the heart and I shy away from stuff that’s too controversial, or too, as my father would say ‘near the mark’. I try to write about things that have a ‘feel good’ factor, or throw a light on a subject that may reflect someone getting a bad deal in my view. This doesn’t mean I don’t reflect on the bad news that unfolds everyday in front of our eyes in the media. I do. But I think there is enough out there already to fill a thousand other features if you want to read them. I don’t shy away from listening to heart rendering news and sometimes it does colour my writing and maybe even my judgement, but when I write here I try to help you keep a step away from the hustle of everyday life, if even just for the few minutes you may take out of your day to read my blog. (A big thank you for that🙂)

But this week someone mentioned that my writing was a bit too ‘nice’.  Maybe a bit like a pleasant conversation. Hmm. That was a bit thought provoking. And in the context of what the person was referring to, they were right. Sometimes I need to toughen up my writing skills and dig deeper. There is a lot more waiting. The pool of new ideas is unfathomably deep. And I know my soul hears echoes from deep and dark places that sometimes have to be explored.

But I was taken right back to my school days when reflecting on my ‘nice’ description. One didn’t dare use the word nice in an essay or the said essay would not have had the chance of being marked with a coveted A+. We were told never to use the word nice; there was always a better word to use. I feel guilty to this day if I use nice as an adjective, even verbally.

However. Look up nice in the dictionary and this is what you read : Nice – pleasant, likeable, agreeable, personable, charming, delightful, amiable, affable, friendly, kindly, genial, good-natured, engaging, gracious, sympathetic, understanding, compassionate, good …I could go on. Quite, er, nice really.


Who could not be happy with those descriptions, certainly if one is viewed in that way it is more than pleasing. There are times when writing I will need to ‘get real’ and assert myself; dig deep when I need to.  But there is a lot of nasty stuff out there and sometimes we need to escape a bit. So I will still be happy to write about ‘nice’ stuff, at least here. I will be light, be fluffy and scatter hearts and flowers. I will ‘nice’ the life out of my musings at times. I will still write my blog with compassion and be peaceful.

I will still feature the sayings that help make the world go round.

One I liked today…..

‘Do not forget small kindnesses and do not remember small faults.’

                      Chinese Proverb.

In the future I will not chastise myself when I use the ‘nice’ word – I won’t even mind if I’m deemed to be a bit lightweight and bit cheesy. I really could think of worse things. I might get a bit bolshy though.

Blessings to you.