Onwards and Upwards…yet again..

Greetings from Dove Lane. I hope you have had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

It’s that time again when we have the slight lull that follows the festivities of Christmas Day with all the celebrating, eating and family time, before gearing ourselves up for the onslaught of the New Year. It is one of the precious few times of the year when we have several days off in a row (at least in our house), forget which day it is, and where we have time for lay-ins and cooked breakfasts before a leisurely walk or, in our case, more sorting and unpacking in the aftermath of a house move that took place just before Christmas.

I always struggle with this time of year; I don’t like giving up on Christmas. I cling on to the twinkling lights and the decorations for as long as possible. I inwardly cringe when I hear people saying they can’t wait to ‘get back to normal’or that they have already taken their decorations down the day after Boxing Day. I don’t get it. It’s dark. WE need lights. WE need to keep the fun going as long as possible!

The seasons seem to be getting shorter and shorter with the space between them constantly shifting and moving on before we have had chance to enjoy the present. At our local garden centre, Santa had moved in in October and was back in the North Pole before we knew it. (The grotto was fantastic though!) All that remains in the Christmas store now are a few sad and bedraggled decorations selling at knock down prices, whilst the summer barbecue equipment is coming back in through the door, along with the garden furniture and the patio heaters. I have never been able to work out who would buy these things in the still dark days of winter, but obviously some people do. Don’t get me wrong, I know we can’t cling on to Christmas for too long, but surely we can wait a few more weeks before calling time on everything festive.

I am sure now I will never be the Queen of England. I would put money on it. I’m not even remotely in line to the throne, although I must say, I can do quite a good royal wave, but if I WERE ever to be Queen, or Prime Minister (now there’s a thought) the first thing I would do would be to create a public holiday at the end of January. I have always thought that would be a very good idea. It wouldn’t be nearly so bad clearing up after Christmas if we knew there was another holiday on the horizon. Like a ‘Goodbye to Winter, Spring is on the horizon’ sort of holiday.

I don’t want to see chocolate creme eggs in the shop yet, and although I am a romantic, I’m not yet ready to see Valentine’s cards either.

I have always found New Year’s Eve a bit daunting. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions and I don’t particularly like all the emotions involved. Maybe like is not the correct word. Don’t get me wrong, I love being with friends and I’m not a party pooper but I do think looking back down over one year and wondering what the next will bring does stir up all sorts of emotions. I guess I like to treat every day the same, for each day is new and special whatever the time of the year.

You have probably deduced that I don’t bother with starting a new diet or a new project on January 1st. I will just try and stick to the healthy diet I have always tried to follow, not always successfully, but then we all fail from time to time. I will try and keep up my daily walks and do the odd bit of meditation, but I won’t be setting any rules that will be broken a few weeks down the line. Most of all I will try to be happy and make the best of things.

Happiness is a choice. Kindness is a choice – the best choice. And I hold the hope that I can make the rest of my life a good part of my life.

I would love to hear how you view the start to the New Year!

               To Christmas    

 Christmas comes but once a year,

That’s not enough for me,

When it’s gone I shed a tear,

It’s gone too soon you see.

Don’t grumble about the Christmas rush

Enjoy the magic instead,

Stoke up the fire and pour the wine,

Put the stocking by the bed.

Enjoy the delicious gourmet treats

Forget about the diet,

Walk along the snowy streets

When all the world is quiet.

Don’t put the decorations away too soon

The Angel needs and airing,

She sits too long in a dusty box

And her feathers need repairing.

Then fill the house with scented flowers

When the year is done,

Look forward to the daylight hours

And plan to have some fun.

I wish you a Very Happy New Year however you celebrate, and whether you make resolutions or not, good luck !