My Wish for You This Christmas

I’m writing a short blog this week; we have just moved into a new house in Dove Lane and as yet only have access to my blog via my iPhone which is great but leaves me squinting badly if I write anything too long! Apologies..I hope to be up and running again soon.

Before I send you a Christmas poem I’d just like to make an observation. We all know Christmas is a very special time of year, whatever our beliefs, but this week everywhere I’ve been I’ve noticed the night sky seems a deeper and more velvety blue, the Christmas trees in the windows are glowing more brightly and the Christmas Carols  comfort us with the old familiar tunes from years past. It’s as though the world around us just knows…knows that this is more than just a date in the calendar that rolls around every year. This is  the time of the year when the profound story of long ago reaches out to us even without or in spite of, all the usual trappings of a commercial Christmas. It is there. Everywhere. A profound calling for the Peace which we pray for, both today and for every day of the year.

Christmas blessings!

I wish you:

Clear starry nights and frosty days,

Shop  assistants helpful in all sorts of ways,

Cosy gloves and furry boots,

A Christmas tree with healthy roots.

Plates of mince pies and glasses of sherry,

All passed around to make you merry.

And bunches of mistletoe so no one misses

Copious amounts of Yuletide kisses.

A heavenly choir singing all in tune

Santa flying by in the light of the moon.

A family together on Christmas Eve

And little children who still believe.

Everyone lending a helping hand

To those in need throughout the land.

No one sitting unloved or alone

Everyone finding their way back home,

And whether you travel from near or far,

Peace and love wherever you are.

(C) Lyn Halvorsen