All things being equal…

This morning we took an early morning walk. The sun had just  come up but there was a  chill in the air, hinting that Autumn is waiting in the wings. August seems to be a month of variables somehow…we can still experience sweltering heat as summer keeps us in its grip, but we begin to draw our blinds a little earlier each evening, and we watch wistfully as swathes of golden fields are laid bare and the circular bales are stored ready for the winter after the wheat harvest. The completion of harvesting marks the end of the growing season and the social importance of this event will, before too long, make it the focus of seasonal celebrations such as Harvest Festival. It’s hard to think the summer could be drawing to an end before too long, but then there are always the comforts of late summer and early Autumn to look forward to, like blackberry picking and the smell of smoky bonfires in the air. Having said all that, a mini heatwave seems to have been predicted for next week so maybe we shouldn’t be replacing our flip-flops with wellies just yet!

As we wound our way round the village and walked back up the hill toward the woods behind Dove Lane, the path beneath our feet sparkled in the sun. Looking more closely, I could see there were hundreds of glass chips embedded in the tarmac. I had never noticed this before; maybe it was the direction of the sun or the time of day, but the effect was magical. The path glittered like something out of a fairy tale and I half expected to be transported to a different land. I thought about the beauty that surrounds us whoever we are and whatever our circumstances; rich or poor, we are all entitled to walk along a glittery pathway.

We are all created as equals. Sometimes it is easy to forget that. I certainly do. I think most of us, at some time in our lives, have looked up at someone we see as more famous, wealthy or seemingly more accomplished than ourselves and felt a little overshadowed. It is a habit that is hard to shake off. But we all have our skills, our own uniqueness that no-one can take away. We can all have a chance to shine and take a walk in the sunshine. There are so many unsung heroes we may pass along the way; those who carry on in the most dire circumstances, and still raise a smile.

I sat in the sunshine drinking tea with a friend today and we talked about life; how things sometime surprise us and turn out differently than expected. How sometimes it’s hard to take the rough with the smooth. How busy life can be at times. But would we really want to walk in anyone else’s shoes, however important they are?

I love this Malagasy proverb –

                                      ‘ A canoe does not know who is King, when it turns over, everyone gets wet.’

I hope you can walk the glittery path today.

                                                Blessings to you.

Harvest field