When the North Wind Blows…

The last few weeks have passed in a bit of a blur with some miserable moments. My father was taken severely ill and without going into too much detail, I can only say we experienced both the very good side and the quite frankly appallingly bad side of the NHS. (As an ex nurse and a staunch supporter of the NHS I do not say that lightly)

Rather than focus on the negative (apart from one astounding moment that occurred when I asked a surgery receptionist for a chair to save my collapsing father from falling to the floor, and was treated with total indifference and told they were closing the doors and going home) I would rather look at the kindness he received when help was eventually forthcoming. A lovely nurse appeared for a home visit; she explained the care at home system was totally overworked but she would do all she could to get us the help we needed. She acknowledged how ill my dad had been and was very concerned. She was kind and after days of struggle, including a night sleeping on his floor, she let me cry on her shoulder. ‘Of course you are upset. He’s your dad.’ Simple words but soothing to hear.

I’ve been feeling ‘crook ‘ too. We know all too well how easily it is to succumb to the stray hospital bugs when you are stressed yourself.

Sometimes it has felt as though I have been removed from the outside world as I have dragged myself around the place in order to keep myself going and care for my dad. But then I realise how lucky I am. I have good, supportive friends; those who keep me in coffee and hot chocolate and stop for a kindly chat, those who send me lovely pictures of friendly robins to cheer me up, and those who offer a cinema trip. Some scented narcissi arrived form the Sicily Isles with a lovey message from my aunt and uncle.  One night ‘himself’ cooked me ‘rustic’ sausages and mash which was extremely comforting!

I like to think we all have friends we can rely on. Sometimes, though, we need extra special help. When that north wind blows and we need sheltering for a while, it’s surprising how help can appear just when we least expect it.

‘Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for in doing so some have entertained angels unawares.’

                                 Hebrews 13:12

     For anyone needing a bit of a boost and with blessings to you:

When the north wind blows

And your world is grey,

My friendly heart

Hears all you say.

Call my name

In your darkest night

I’ll find a way to bring you light.

And if your world

Is tumbling down

I’ll wrap you

In a cosy gown

Feed you soup

And bring you wine

For your life is

A part of mine.

(C) Lyn Halvorsen


Author: Lyn Halvorsen

I am a writer and editor and love being creative. I also like to help other people get their story or message out into the world. Contact me for more information.

4 thoughts on “When the North Wind Blows…”

  1. as a new follower, i hope it is not too forward of me to say how sorry i am to hear of your dad ailing. friends and loved ones are especially important now. i know this from my own experience. it can get very lonely sometimes, caring for one’s parents. best to you and your dad.

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  2. Bless you my lovely. So many positive and healing prayers have been sent your way this last few weeks from all of us here. You are all fighters. Love and hugs to you all. Xxxxx


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