The Dove Lane Robin ….

Often when I am out walking I’m accompanied by a friendly robin. He may not always be apparent but before long I can hear his familiar song and spot him perched in the branches of a nearby tree. Timid, but at the same time, reassuring, he always seems to be around to boost my pensive mood. Moreover, wherever I am, I’m convinced it’s the same robin I see.

The Dove Lane Robin

Through winter chills
And summer suns,
The soft refreshing rain,
The cheeky robin sings his song
Along our leafy lane.
He perches on the old wood fence
And in the apple tree,
There’s a reason why he’s always there;
He’s singing just for me.
My constant friend with his rosy chest
And gently plumped up feathers,
I spy him flying from his nest
In all the winds and weathers.
Where sweet honeysuckle winds around my door
With golden scented flowers,
I hear the robin sing nearby
As I pass the busy hours.

Blessings to you.


Author: Lyn Halvorsen

Blogger. Author. Follower of all things inspirational and persuing the gentler side of life.

2 thoughts on “The Dove Lane Robin ….”

  1. How lovely and uplifting for you! I bet you have fun wondering where and when he is going to appear. Anna x
    Also lovely rhyming – I wish you had sat on my table at school as the best I could do was ‘ The cat sat on a mat” !!

    Liked by 1 person

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