Notes from France This Week..

We are very lucky to be spending two weeks in France,  starting with a drive down through the the country with over night stops,  before reaching our destination in Provence.

Last night we stayed in a traditional chateau where it is rumoured Sleeping Beauty was awoken by her Prince. Looking at the twisty spiral staircases leading to the turrets and towers, I wouldn’t be surprised. Waking this morning, the peace and tranquility certainly lent itself to a feeling of living in a fairy tale.

After a delicious breakfast we travelled onward and are now in Pessac in Bordeaux.  We are staying tonight in a chateau which was originally the home of Pope Clement the 5th in the 1300’s. We are indeed priveleged..the table is set in a private dining room for our dinner, to be taken under a golden chandelier reflecting a thousand glittering lights. A white peacock patrols the grounds and the vines stretch for many hectares. Chateau Clement has the oldest vineyard in the region.

Walking around the grounds, we see gnarled and aged, majestic olive trees, the like of which I have never seen before. The oldest, spread serenely on the soft, lush lawn, was said to be planted in the year 207. I can only stand in awe …I can’t imagine the history it could tell of…

It’s a rather different life here to that in Dove Lane. Tonight I shall glide down the elegant stairs and inhale the scent of the musky candles that light our way. In the oak panelled dining room I will raise a glass to life and the lucky chances that sometimes come my way.

Soon we will be in Provence amidst the lavender fields but that’s a story for another day.

‘I dream of the Olive tree high on the hill, That’s  seen a thousand setting Suns. The leaves on the tree will still sigh in the breeze, When this life is over and the day is done. ‘

Blessings to you….



Author: Lyn Halvorsen

I am a writer and editor and love being creative. I also like to help other people get their story or message out into the world. Contact me for more information.

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