Just for a day…..

I feel like having a bit of fun this week. Sometimes I read articles in magazines or newspapers about the ‘day in the life of’ a glamorous celebrity and can’t help but think – ‘wow’ what a way to live…

So here is a (pretend) day in my life:

I awake to the sound of a gentle alarm at 8am after a restful nights sleep, full of pleasant dreams. I have four homes; a country cottage in Cornwall, set just far enough from a sandy shore not to be affected by a high tide but near enough for me to stroll down to the water’s edge in my pyjamas with my morning coffee, a town house in Notting Hill with beautiful neighbours, a rooftop apartment in Paris overlooking Montmartre, and a luxury beach house in Florida with ten bedrooms and a large salt water swimming pool.

Today I am in my Cornish cottage, and I take breakfast in my rose garden. This morning I have crushed avocado on home baked bread and a kale smoothie. I have no urge at all to eat a bowl of porridge with clotted cream and sugar, or a full English breakfast with hot buttered toast and a mug of tea. None at all.

Feeling lithe and full of energy, I jog down to the sea and frolic happily in the waves. Following my swim I sit for a while on the sand and feel the sun beat down on my face. It is going to be a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. Heading back to my cottage I do an hour of yoga on the lawn, then take a shower in my outdoor rain-forest style shower. The smell of roses drifts on the breeze and the bees buzz around the lavender.

Upstairs my clothes for the day have been laid neatly on my bed. I never have trouble deciding what to wear as I keep my wardrobes fully up to date and in line with the current fashion, and with enough outfits to cover all eventualities and weathers. I lather myself in fragrant lotions and dress in a cool and comfortable shift dress which never seems to crease, the soft blue colour matching my eyes. My make up goes on like a dream and I am set for the day.

I skip downstairs and say hello to my secretary who is pouring some freshly brewed Moringa tea. We go over any important business and she goes off to book our flights to America for our next trip away. Himself is up and reading the paper before going out for a spin in his new Porsche. He doesn’t bat an eyelid when I tell him we have several visitors coming tomorrow. In fact he smiles and looks positively delighted.

I sit down to write. I am writing my latest blockbuster. I have been payed a huge advance from my publisher so I like to put in a good few hours each day. Luckily, I never get writer’s block and the words just flow. My characters become friends and I am soon engrossed in their latest escapades.

In the afternoon I take a break and talk to my children on Skype. I get brilliant reception and we make plans for the coming week.

I have afternoon tea; usually a cup of Lady Grey with some slices of fruit. Himself wonders in and asks if there is any cake. I tell him not to be silly. He should know I’m never tempted to have cake in the house. Especially not chocolate. Or scones with jam or cream.

We dress to go out for dinner at our favourite fish restaurant. We sit on the terrace as the light fades, and the lights come on all around the harbour. The whole area looks magical and is bathed in romance.

Driving home with the roof down and the summer night still warm, we reflect on a perfect day, and the man in the moon smiles down on us.


Writing the above was a bit of fun and although I would probably like some of it to be true I realise how lucky I am with what I have. And I will never not have cake in the house!

Blessings to you.

Author: Lyn Halvorsen

I am a writer and editor and love being creative. I also like to help other people get their story or message out into the world. Contact me for more information.

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