In or Out…or on the see-saw of doubt..

Today the country prepares for the crucial vote on its future in, or out, of the European Union. This vote is possibly the biggest and most historic decision the country will take for a generation.

Watching the news this past week, and listening both to the views of politicians, and people generally, has been surprising. Some of those who I expected to support remain have done the opposite and vice versa. It seems that this referendum has brought politicians from different parties together in an unexpected way. It was strange to see David Cameron and Harriet Harman standing side by side, applauding the same ideals and working together. It shows politics in a completely different light; one could almost imagine a total shuffle of the current political parties with various members turning up in different guises. The referendum is a short-term thing of course, no matter how the country will change afterwards, and perhaps these unusual alliances will soon be forgotten, but for now it shows that there can be unity from opposing sides. And maybe that should be our main concern. Unity.

If we are on the see-saw of doubt and listen to the passionate outpourings from representatives on both sides of the debate, we know one thing; we love our country, its place in the world, and the values that make it great.

As a proud and devoted mother, and a grandmother of 8, soon to be 9, grandchildren, my wish is for them to grow up in a fair, peaceful and just world.

It seems like the outcome is too close to call. Who knows how we will feel when we wake up tomorrow and all the votes have been counted and the decision made. All we can wish is that  it is for the common good.

Of one thing I’m sure. It will probably still be raining.


Author: Lyn Halvorsen

I am a writer and editor and love being creative. I also like to help other people get their story or message out into the world. Contact me for more information.

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